Dear body,

Dear hair, it’s like you can’t make up your mind. You’re not curly, not straight, you’re something in between. Sometimes I get frustrated because you look perfect one moment, and completely messed up just seconds later. But thank you, because you’re not trivial in any way, never the same, you make me feel unique at some point.

Dear eyes, you’re the part of my body I’m proud the most of. Even that I don’t see that well, I need to wear glasses all the time. I’m sorry if I ever made you terribly tired because I just can’t stop reading all the books. Thank you for letting me see the world and thank you for being special. However it’s sometimes weird to explain to people what eye color I have.

Dear ears, I have never had a reason to complain about you. But sometimes I’m so distracted that people can talk to me for minutes and I won’t hear a thing. Thank you for letting me hear the music, for letting me enjoy the weirdest song.

Dear arms, you once were really muscular and very strong. I’m sorry for not paying any attention to you the past few years. I promise you to make you strong again.

Dear belly, we have never really got along, didn’t we? I always thought you were or too skinny, or too fat, or too muscular or not muscular enough. I’m sorry that I always wanted to change you. But lately I started to accept you more, you’re an important part of me and I shouldn’t blame you for not feeling good about myself.

Dear legs, we walked for miles and miles. We climbed mountains, swam in the seas, walked through forests. I’m sorry that I sometimes push you to the limits. But I can’t complain with you. I can spring high, run fast and dance for hours. Thank you for that.

Dear hips, I’m sorry I wasn’t careful enough back in the years. I pushed you during gymnastics, now you have to feel pain everyday. You are also really wide and make me look a little weird-shaped.

Dear mind, I’m happy and I finally accepted you for how you are. I’m no longer searching for ways to correct you. Now I’m busy with getting to know you better, becoming aware, expanding my mind. I hope you appreciate it. I hope we’ll live better in peace in the future. Thank you for staying sane.

Love from Ksenija.